Different gene expression profile observed in dermal papilla cells related to androgenic alopecia by DNA macroarray analysis

    October 2004 in “ Journal of Dermatological Science
    Tatsuyuki Midorikawa, Takashi Chikazawa, Teruhiko Yoshino, Koji Takada, Seiji Arase
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    TLDR Hair loss in balding individuals is linked to changes in specific hair growth-related genes.
    In the 2004 study, researchers analyzed the gene expression in dermal papilla cells (DPCs) from individuals with androgenic alopecia (AGA) and found significant differences compared to non-bald individuals. Out of 1185 genes, 107 showed different expression levels. Notably, BMP2 and ephrin A3 were decreased, while NT-4 was increased in AGA-affected DPCs. These genes are thought to be involved in hair growth and their altered expression might contribute to the development of AGA. The study suggests that BMP2 and ephrin A3 could be potential targets for treating AGA, as they appear to promote hair growth and regulate the hair cycle. However, the number of participants or samples used was not mentioned in the summary provided.
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