Development of Liposomal Systems of Finasteride for Topical Applications: Design, Characterization, and In Vitro Evaluation

    Rajesh Kumar, Bhupinder Singh, Gautam Bakshi, Om Prakash Katare
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    TLDR Liposomes improve finasteride delivery for hair loss treatment, making it a promising option for topical use.
    This document discusses the development of liposomal systems of Finasteride for topical applications. The study found that liposomes can enhance the follicular delivery of finasteride, a drug used to treat hair loss, by improving its permeation and deposition in the skin. The liposomal system improved the solubility and permeability of finasteride, making it a promising option for topical treatment of androgenetic alopecia. The researchers optimized the liposomal formulations with respect to drug payload, entrapment efficiency, and size by formulating different vesicular compositions under different process conditions. The study concluded that liposomal systems of finasteride could be a promising approach for topical applications.
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