Confocal Microscopy Can Assess the Efficacy of Combined Microneedling and Skinbooster for Striae Rubrae

    Caterina Mazzella, Mariateresa Cantelli, Paola Nappa, Maria Carmela Annunziata, Mario Delfino, Gabriella Fabbrocini
    Image of study
    TLDR Microneedling combined with skinbooster effectively treats striae rubrae, with confocal microscopy confirming collagen changes.
    The study involved ten female patients with an average age of 20.5 years to evaluate the effectiveness of a combined treatment of microneedling and skinbooster for striae rubrae. The patients received three treatment sessions at four-week intervals, using stabilized hyaluronic acid with lidocaine for deeper marks and microneedling for shallower ones. Results showed aesthetic improvements and sustained effects two months post-treatment. Confocal microscopy provided evidence of collagen remodeling, indicating the treatment's efficacy. All patients reported satisfaction with the treatment, and no significant adverse effects were observed. The study concluded that the combination of microneedling and skinbooster is an effective treatment for striae rubrae and that confocal microscopy is a useful tool for non-invasively monitoring treatment outcomes in aesthetic dermatology.
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