Clinically applicable transplantation procedure of dermal papilla cells for hair follicle regeneration

    Noriyuki Aoi, Keita Inoue, Harunosuke Kato, Hirotaka Suga, Takuya Higashino, Hitomi Eto, Kentaro Doi, Jun Araki, Takuya Iida, Tomoya Katsuta, Kotaro Yoshimura
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    TLDR The best method for transplanting skin cells to regenerate hair follicles is the Hemi-vascularized sandwich method, as it produces more mature follicles and promotes hair growth.
    In 2012, a study was conducted to identify an efficient method for dermal papilla cell (DPC) transplantation for hair follicle regeneration. Five procedures were tested: Pinhole, Laser, Slit, Non-vascularized sandwich (NVS), and Hemi-vascularized sandwich (HVS). All methods resulted in regenerated follicles, but the HVS method produced a significantly larger number of mature and regular follicles. Hair growth was also detected after DPC transplantation using the HVS method. The study concluded that direct contact of epithelial and dermal components and better vascularization/oxygenation of the recipient site are critical for hair regeneration in cell-based therapies.
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