Bimatoprost in the treatment of eyelash universalis alopecia areata

    T. Ojeda Vila, Francisco José Martínez Martínez
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    TLDR Bimatoprost helped eyelash growth in nearly half of the patients with a type of eyelash hair loss.
    In a retrospective study of 41 subjects with alopecia areata universalis, 37 completed a 1-year trial using 0.03% bimatoprost daily on their eyelid margins to promote eyelash growth. The results indicated that 24.32% achieved complete eyelash growth, 18.91% had moderate growth, 27.02% had slight growth, while 29.72% saw no improvement. Overall, 43.24% of patients experienced a cosmetically acceptable response. Side effects led to three patients developing conjunctivitis and discontinuing the study. The study suggested bimatoprost could be effective and safe for eyelash alopecia areata, with nearly half of the participants showing cosmetic benefits, but it was limited by the absence of a control group and lack of blinding.
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