Anti-CXCL4 Monoclonal Antibody Accelerates Telogen to Anagen Transition and Attenuates Apoptosis of the Hair Follicle in Mice

    Wen Guan, Xiaolan Yu, Jingjing Li, Qing Deng, Yang Zhang, Jing Gao, Peng Xia, Yunsheng Yuan, Jin Gao, Liang Zhou, Han Wang, Yu Ye
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    TLDR The anti-CXCL4 antibody helps mice grow hair faster and prevents hair loss.
    In the 2017 study by Guan et al., the effects of an anti-CXCL4 monoclonal antibody (mAb) on hair growth in mice were examined. The treatment was found to promote hair regeneration by accelerating the transition from the telogen to anagen phase and delaying hair follicle regression by reducing apoptosis. The study showed that the mAb treatment upregulated genes and proteins related to hair growth and proliferation, and downregulated those associated with apoptosis. These findings suggest that CXCL4 is a significant factor in hair growth and that its inhibition could be a potential therapeutic approach for hair loss. However, the western blot analysis was based on a small sample size of n=3, indicating that larger studies are necessary to confirm these results.
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