Anti-androgenic and Hair Growth Promoting Activities of Lygodii Spora (Spore of Lygodium japonicum) I. Active Constituents Inhibiting Testosterone 5.ALPHA.-Reductase.

    January 2002 in “Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin
    Hideaki Matsuda, Miho Yamazaki, Shunsuke Naruto, Yusuke Asanuma, Michinori Kubo
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    TLDR Lygodii Spora extract may help treat hair loss by blocking a hair loss-related enzyme and promoting hair growth.
    The study from 2002 examined the effects of Lygodii Spora extract on hair growth and its potential as an anti-androgenic agent. The extract was found to inhibit testosterone 5α-reductase in vitro, an enzyme linked to hair loss. In vivo, it reduced the growth of the flank organ in castrated Syrian hamsters and promoted hair regrowth in testosterone-treated C57Black/6CrSlc mice. The active compounds responsible for these effects were identified as oleic, linoleic, and palmitic acids. The in vivo experiments involved 6-8 hamsters and 8-10 mice, indicating that Lygodii Spora and its fatty acid components could be beneficial for treating androgen-related hair loss.
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