Androgenetic alopecia: new insights into the pathogenesis and mechanism of hair loss

    August 2015 in “ F1000Research
    Rodney Sinclair, Niloufar Torkamani, Leslie Jones
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    TLDR New model shows muscle affects hair loss differently in men and women.
    This scientific paper from 7 years ago discusses androgenetic alopecia (AGA), a type of hair loss that affects both men and women. The paper proposes a new model for AGA, in which the arrector pili muscle (APM) plays a significant role in maintaining hair follicle integrity. The paper also discusses the role of follicle cycling and the movement of cells between the dermal papilla and dermal sheath in AGA. The paper concludes that computer generated 3D reconstructions of the arrector pili muscle have helped explain why women with AGA experience diffuse hair loss rather than the patterned baldness seen in men.
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