Androgenetic Alopecia in Women

    Vera H. Price
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    TLDR Androgenetic alopecia in women needs more research and better management strategies.
    This article from 19 years ago discusses androgenetic alopecia (AGA) in women, which is characterized by hair thinning over the frontal/parietal scalp with greater hair density over the occipital scalp, retention of the frontal hairline, and the presence of miniaturized hairs. The diagnosis is supported by early age of onset and scalp biopsy usually solves the differential diagnosis. Topical minoxidil solution is the only approved drug available for promoting hair growth in women with AGA. The article highlights the psychological effects of hair loss on women and the need for thoughtful evaluation and management. The study also mentions the use of hair cosmetics to make hair appear fuller. The paper concludes that androgenetic alopecia in women requires further research and management strategies.
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