Androgenetic alopecia; An attempt to target microinflammation

    February 2020 in “ Dermatologic Therapy
    Mehdi Gheisari, Arash Bagheri Hamidi, Behnaz Hamedani, Farahnaz Bidari Zerehpoush
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    TLDR Reducing micro-inflammation didn't change hair growth patterns in AGA.
    This letter to the editor discusses a study conducted on 60 men with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) to determine if reducing micro-inflammation around hair follicles would improve hair growth. The participants were randomized into two groups, one using minoxidil 5% solution and the other using a solution containing topical minoxidil and betamethasone dipropionate. Both groups showed significant hair growth, but reducing micro-inflammation did not alter hair growth patterns in AGA. The study suggests that while there is perifollicular lymphocytic infiltration on histopathology of scalp biopsies in AGA patients, none of the approved treatments affect the inflammation around hair follicles.
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