496 Evaluation of extracts containing red clover using dermal papilla cells in the development of a scalp treatment system targeting hair loss and hair damage

    B. Cook, Jin Namkoong, M. Riggs, Kara C Holley, Dale Kern, Helen Knaggs
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    TLDR Red clover extract-based scalp treatments significantly improved hair volume and reduced hair loss and damage.
    The document details a study on the efficacy of red clover extract-based scalp treatment serums for hair loss and damage. Using Dermal Papilla Cells for in-vitro testing and conducting two in-vivo human clinical trials (8 weeks with 33 participants and 6 months with 52 participants), the study found significant improvements in hair volume, scalp coverage, and reduced broken hair counts. After 6 months, there was a 71.7% improvement in broken hair counts, 80.8% in intact hair counts, and 31.5% in hair volume. Additionally, over 80% of participants were positively graded by an independent clinical grader, and over 90% had a positive self-perception of their hair and scalp condition.
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