Young men’s coping with androgenetic alopecia: Acceptance counts when hair gets thinner

    September 2011 in “Body Image
    Dirk Kranz
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    TLDR Acceptance reduces hair loss distress and medical consultations; coping mechanisms increase them.
    This study examined the coping mechanisms of young men with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and their relationship with hair loss distress and medical consultation. The study found that compensatory and avoidance coping mechanisms were positively associated with hair loss distress, while acceptance was negatively related to hair loss distress, especially at an advanced stage of hair loss. Acceptance was also found to have a direct negative effect on medical consultation, while the positive associations of compensation and avoidance with medical consultation were mediated by distress. The study suggests that responsible practitioners and dermatologists should encourage their patients to come to terms with their hair loss, rather than medically or surgically treating balding in young men.
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