Trichoscopic findings of androgenetic alopecia and their association with disease severity

    June 2015 in “ Journal of Dermatology
    Ruiming Hu, Feng Xu, Yumei Han, Youyu Sheng, Sisi Qi, Ying Miao, Qinping Yang
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    TLDR Hair thickness differences help diagnose hair loss severity.
    This study examined the trichoscopic features of androgenetic alopecia (AGA) in Chinese patients and their relationship with alopecia severity. The study found that hair shaft thickness heterogeneity (HSTH) was seen in all male AGA (MAGA) patients and most female AGA (FAGA) patients, especially those with advanced FAGA. Brown peripilar sign (BPPS) was usually seen in early AGA, whereas white peripilar sign (WPPS), yellow dots, pinpoint white dots, scalp honeycomb pigmentation, and focal atrichia were positively related to the severity of AGA. The study concluded that HSTH is an essential criterion for diagnosing AGA and further studies are needed to establish changes in trichoscopic findings after AGA treatment.
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