Trichology to Predict Efficacy of Scalp Cooling: New Pathologic Insights Besides Encouraging Clinical Results

    June 2024 in “ Journal of clinical oncology
    Dörthe Schaffrin-Nabe, Anke Josten-Nabe, Andrea Tannapfel, Alexander Heinze, Merle Schaffrin, R. Voigtmann
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    TLDR Scalp cooling can effectively prevent hair loss during chemotherapy, improving patients' quality of life.
    The study evaluated the effectiveness of sensor-controlled scalp cooling in preventing chemotherapy-induced alopecia in 81 breast carcinoma patients. Results showed that 53% of patients avoided noticeable hair loss, with key predictors of success including lower post-therapeutic shaft surface damage, larger pre-treatment shaft diameter, and stable melanosome density. Higher anagen ratio and larger hair shaft diameter were also crucial. Comorbidities and alopecia-inducing medications increased hair loss. Patients with better hair preservation reported higher quality of life and lower psychological burden. The study supports the safety and efficacy of scalp cooling, emphasizing the importance of personalized approaches in managing chemotherapy-induced hair loss.
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