Topically applied minoxidil may cause fetal malformation: A case report

    December 2003 in “Teratology
    Smorlesi C, Adele Caldarella, Laura Caramelli, Simonetta Di Lollo, Flavio Moroni
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    TLDR Minoxidil use during pregnancy may cause fetal harm.
    A case report from 2003 suggests that topically applied minoxidil, a drug commonly used for hair growth, may cause fetal malformation. A pregnant woman who applied minoxidil 2% to her scalp daily experienced significant brain, heart, and vascular malformations of the fetus at the 22nd gestational week, leading to pregnancy termination. The study suggests that women should be advised that during pregnancy, topical minoxidil use may be dangerous. Further research on minoxidil-induced fetal toxicity is needed before allowing its use in pregnant women.
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