The Potential Role of Minoxidil in the Hair Transplantation Setting

    October 2002 in “Dermatologic Surgery
    Marc R. Avram, John W. Cole, Chevy Chase, Marcelo Gandelman, Robert B. Haber, Russell Knudsen, Matt L. Leavitt, Robert C. F. Leonard, Carlos Mir Puig, Paul Rose, James A. Vogel, Craig Ziering
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    TLDR Minoxidil helps stabilize hair loss, increase density, and reduce shedding after hair transplant surgery.
    The article discusses the potential role of minoxidil in hair transplantation. Minoxidil is a pharmacologic treatment approved by the FDA to treat pattern hair loss in men and women. Studies have shown that minoxidil 5% and 2% topical solutions are effective in stabilizing hair loss in men and women with androgenetic alopecia. The article recommends the use of minoxidil prior to surgery to stabilize progressive hair loss, increase hair weight and density, and decrease postsurgical telogen shedding. The majority of the surgeons reported observations of greater hair density and increased scalp coverage in their male and female patients with minoxidil 5% compared to minoxidil 2%. The article suggests that further studies are needed to confirm these opinions.
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