The Impact of Female Pattern Hair Loss on Quality of Life

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    TLDR Female pattern hair loss greatly affects quality of life, especially in younger patients, those with the condition for a long time, and those with mental health issues. A more comprehensive treatment approach is suggested.
    In 2019, a study involving 22 patients was conducted to assess the impact of Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) on Quality of Life (QoL). The study found that FPHL significantly affected QoL, with a median score of 5 out of 6, indicating a high level of impact. Younger patients or those with a longer duration of the disease had a significantly lower QoL. Patients with a diagnosed mental health illness also had a significantly lower QoL. The study concluded that FPHL has a significant and detrimental effect on patients' QoL and suggested a more holistic management approach, including psychological interventions and a greater emphasis on improving QoL.
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