Spironolactone use does not increase the risk of female breast cancer recurrence: A retrospective analysis

    Chapman Wei, Patawut Bovonratwet, Alex Gu, Gaby Moawad, Jonathan I. Silverberg, Adam Friedman
    TLDR Taking spironolactone doesn't increase the chance of breast cancer coming back.
    The document is a retrospective analysis investigating the safety of spironolactone, a drug used off-label for androgenic alopecia, in breast cancer (BC) survivors. The study used the Humana Insurance database to identify patients with a history of BC, stratified by spironolactone prescription. The results showed that BC recurrence developed in 123 patients (16.5%) who were prescribed spironolactone compared with 3649 patients (12.8%) who developed BC recurrence without spironolactone prescribed. However, after adjusting for other factors, there was no association between spironolactone and increased BC recurrence. The conclusion of the study is that spironolactone was not independently associated with increased BC recurrence and may be considered for the treatment of alopecia in BC survivors.
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