Simple and rapid method to isolate and culture follicular papillae from human scalp hair follicles

    August 2002 in “Experimental Dermatology
    Markus Magerl, Söbia Kauser, Ralf Paus, Desmond J. Tobin
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    TLDR Researchers developed a quick and easy way to get and grow cells from the base of human hair follicles.
    In 2002, Magerl et al. developed a simplified and rapid method for isolating and culturing follicular papillae from human scalp hair follicles. Their technique involved isolating anagen VI hair follicles and performing two simple manipulations to extract the hair follicle papilla, which was then cultured in a medium with fetal calf serum and antibiotics. The cells were expanded and used for experiments at passages 3-6, maintaining an intact basal lamina and active cytoplasm. This method facilitated a higher yield of isolated papillae and made it more accessible for researchers, potentially advancing the study of hair growth and hair follicle disorders. The document does not provide specific numbers of participants or experimental subjects.
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