Results of low‐level laser therapy in the treatment of hair growth: An Egyptian experience

    April 2021 in “Dermatologic Therapy
    Mohamed A. Amer, Amany Nassar, Heba Attallah, Mohamed A. Amer
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    TLDR Low-level laser therapy helps increase hair growth in female pattern hair loss but not in telogen effluvium.
    The study assessed the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) at 655 nm in treating female pattern hair loss (FPHL) and telogen effluvium (TE) in 70 female patients. After 26 weeks of treatment, FPHL patients showed a significant increase in mean hair count from 159 to 174.80 hair/cm², with a mean percentage increase of 15.7%. Global photography showed significant or minimal improvement in 69.2% of FPHL patients, and 84.6% were satisfied with the treatment. TE patients did not experience a statistically significant increase in hair count, but 42.8% reported satisfaction. No serious adverse events were reported, though some minor side effects like headaches and scalp tenderness occurred. The study concluded that LLLT is effective for FPHL but not for TE, and further research is needed to explore long-term effects and optimize treatment parameters.
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