Platelet‐rich plasma and regenerative dentistry

    March 2020 in “Australian Dental Journal
    Jian Xu, Lingshan Gou, Peng Zhang, Hongwen Li, Shuqi Qiu
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    TLDR Platelet-rich plasma might help tissue regeneration in dentistry, but results vary and more research is needed.
    The document reviews the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in regenerative dentistry, noting its potential for promoting tissue regeneration through the delivery of growth factors and cytokines. PRP has been used in various dental procedures with mixed results; some studies report significant benefits, particularly in endodontic healing, periodontal regeneration, and oral and maxillofacial surgery, while others find no significant effects. The effectiveness of PRP is influenced by the concentration of platelets, with optimal levels required for stimulating cell proliferation, yet higher concentrations may be detrimental. The review calls for standardized PRP preparation protocols and more randomized controlled trials to determine its long-term benefits. It also points out the variability in commercial PRP systems and the need for further research to confirm PRP's clinical advantages in dental regenerative medicine. The document does not specify the number of participants in the studies it references.
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