Microneedling as a Successful Treatment for Alopecia X in Two Pomeranian Siblings

    October 2015 in “ Veterinary Dermatology
    Steve Stoll, Christian Dietlin, Claudia Nett
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    TLDR Microneedling helped two Pomeranian dogs with a hair growth disorder grow back 90% of their fur in 12 weeks, and the results lasted for a year.
    In a 2015 study, two neutered female Pomeranian dogs with alopecia X, a hair growth disorder, were treated with microneedling after previous treatments failed to induce significant hair regrowth. Five weeks post-treatment, hair regrowth began and skin hyperpigmentation reduced. After 12 weeks, there was a 90% improvement in fur coverage in previously alopecic areas. A year later, the fur conditions remained stable with no adverse effects. This was the first report of microneedling inducing hair regrowth in dogs with alopecia X. The study suggested further research with more dogs to confirm these results and assess if the hair regrowth is permanent.
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