Male pattern hair loss: prevention rather than regrowth

    Marcia Ramos-e-Silva
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    TLDR Preventing hair loss is more effective than regrowth; oral finasteride is a realistic option.
    This article from 22 years ago discusses male pattern hair loss and suggests that prevention may be more effective than regrowth. The article explores various management options for male pattern hair loss, including drug therapy, psychologic support, cosmetics, hair systems, and surgical procedures. The role of androgens in hair loss is well-documented, and drug therapy has become a more viable option due to improved understanding of hair growth mechanisms. The article suggests that preventing further hair loss may be more important than regrowth for male pattern hair loss patients. It recommends using drugs that target type 2 5α-reductase in the scalp hair follicle, such as oral finasteride, as a realistic option for prevention.
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