Human Hair Follicle Regeneration Following Amputation and Grafting into the Nude Mouse

    December 1996 in “Journal of Investigative Dermatology
    Colin A.B. Jahoda, R. F. Oliver, Amanda J. Reynolds, James C. Forrester, Kenneth A. Horne
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    TLDR Human hair follicles can regenerate after removal, but with low success rate.
    This study from 1996 investigated the ability of human hair follicles to regenerate after amputation and transplantation onto athymic mice. The results showed that human hair follicles have the capacity to regenerate after removal, but the success rate was relatively low. The study emphasizes the importance of specific cellular subpopulations within the follicle and the role of dermal-epidermal interactions in adult follicle activities. The study suggests that the human hair follicle has the potential for regeneration, but further research is needed to improve the success rate.
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