Hes1 regulates anagen initiation and hair follicle regeneration through modulation of hedgehog signaling

    February 2020 in “Stem Cells
    Wei-Jeng Suen, Shao Li, Liang-Tung Yang
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    TLDR Hes1 protein is important for hair growth and regeneration, and could be a potential treatment for hair loss.
    A study from three years ago found that the Hes1 protein plays a crucial role in regulating hair growth and follicle regeneration in mice by modulating the Hedgehog signaling pathway. Its absence leads to delayed hair growth and reduced follicle regeneration, making it a potential target for hair loss and alopecia treatments. Hes1 enhances Shh signaling during the anagen phase, which helps maintain hair cycle homeostasis. The study suggests that Hes1 could be a potential therapeutic strategy for controlling hair growth and promoting hair follicle regeneration.
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