Follicular delivery of spironolactone via nanostructured lipid carriers for management of alopecia

    Rehab Nabil Shamma, Mona Hassan Aburahma
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    TLDR Using nanostructured lipid carriers to deliver spironolactone could improve treatment for hair loss.
    The study from 2014 explored the use of nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) to deliver spironolactone (SL), an FDA-approved antiandrogenic drug, for the treatment of alopecia. The researchers created SL-loaded NLCs with an entrapment efficiency of 74.90% to 91.20% and a particle size ranging from 215.6 nm to 834.3 nm. The NLCs demonstrated good stability and a uniform size distribution. The optimized NLC formulation released 66% of the drug over 24 hours, which was significantly higher than the 40% released from the drug suspension. The study concluded that the optimized NLCs are a promising method for targeted delivery of SL to hair follicles, potentially enhancing therapeutic efficacy and reducing side effects compared to oral administration. The study involved 8 experimental runs with different SL-NLC formulations.
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