Effect of Latanoprost on Hair Growth in the Bald Scalp of the Stump-tailed Macacque: A Pilot Study

    January 2002
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    TLDR Latanoprost, a glaucoma drug, showed potential for promoting hair growth in bald monkeys, especially at higher doses.
    In a 2001 study involving eight stump-tailed macaques, researchers found that Latanoprost, a drug typically used for glaucoma, had a dose-dependent positive effect on hair growth. The study divided the monkeys into two groups, with one group receiving a daily topical application of 50 µg/ml of latanoprost for 5 months, and the other a control substance. Later, two monkeys from each group were given a higher dose of 500 µg/ml latanoprost. The results showed minimal hair growth with 50 µg/ml of latanoprost, but moderate to marked hair regrowth with the 500 µg/ml dose, including a 5-10% conversion of vellus hairs to intermediary or terminal hairs. The control group showed no effect. The study concluded that Latanoprost could be a promising treatment for human androgenetic alopecia, warranting further evaluation.
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