Diffuse hair loss

    Rodney Sinclair
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    TLDR Hair loss that spreads out can often fix itself or be treated by finding and handling the cause.
    In 1999, Rodney Sinclair, MD, discussed diffuse nonscarring telogen hair loss, a condition where anagen hairs prematurely enter the telogen phase, leading to excessive shedding. This can be triggered by events like illness, pregnancy, medication changes, or stress, and is usually self-limiting, resolving within 3-6 months. Chronic telogen effluvium, lasting beyond 6 months, may be related to iron deficiency or thyroid disorders. Treatment involves addressing the underlying cause and possibly using minoxidil. The document also covers hair loss due to metabolic disorders, drug-induced alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, and diffuse alopecia areata, with varying prognoses. Diagnosis is typically through patient history and blood tests, with scalp biopsies in unclear cases. Correct diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment, and most conditions, except chronic telogen effluvium, can be halted with appropriate intervention.
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