Classifications of patterned hair loss: a review

    Mrinal Gupta, Venkataram Mysore
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    TLDR Different types of hair loss need specific treatments, and while many classification systems exist, each has its flaws; more research is needed to refine these systems and treatments.
    The 2015 document "Classifications of patterned hair loss: a review" discussed various types of hair loss, with a focus on androgenetic alopecia (AGA), the most common type. It emphasized the importance of accurate classification for effective treatment, as different types of hair loss require different treatment approaches. The document reviewed numerous classification systems for patterned hair loss, including the Hamilton-Norwood classification for males and the Ludwig system for females, among others. Each system has its strengths and limitations, with some being more detailed but complicated, and others being simpler but less comprehensive. The document concluded that while many classification systems exist, all have limitations and the clinician should choose the system that best suits their needs. It also highlighted the need for more research to improve the current classification systems and to develop more effective treatments for hair loss.
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