Assessment of Occipital Involvement Among a Large Population of Females with Pattern Hair Loss in Saudi Arabia

    Shadi Zari
    TLDR About one-third of Saudi women with female pattern hair loss also have thinning hair at the back of their head.
    The study examined 993 Saudi women with female pattern hair loss (FPHL) and found that 32.4% of them showed occipital involvement, characterized by more than 10% of thin hairs in the back of the head. This was associated with higher hair density and number of follicular units in the occipital region, but lower average hair shaft thickness, percentage of thick hairs, and cumulative hair thickness in both the occipital and frontal regions. The severity of FPHL was a significant predictor of occipital involvement, with moderate and severe forms showing increased odds of occipital involvement. These findings have implications for the management of FPHL, particularly in relation to hair transplantation procedures.
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