A randomized clinical trial of 5% topical minoxidil versus 2% topical minoxidil and placebo in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men

    Elise A. Olsen, Frank Dunlap, Toni Funicella, Judith A. Koperski, James B. Swinehart, Eduardo Tschen, Ronald J. Trancik
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    TLDR 5% minoxidil works better for hair growth and density, with minor irritation.
    This study compared the effectiveness of 5% topical minoxidil, 2% topical minoxidil, and a placebo in treating androgenetic alopecia (AGA) in men. The study involved 393 men and lasted for 48 weeks. The results showed that 5% topical minoxidil was significantly more effective than the other two treatments in promoting hair growth and improving hair density. The study also found that 5% topical minoxidil was well-tolerated and had no serious side effects. However, local irritation was more common with 5% topical minoxidil.
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