Wound-Induced Hair Follicle Neogenesis as a Promising Approach for Hair Regeneration

    August 2023 in “Molecules and Cells
    Chang-Yong Lim, J. M. Lim, Sekyu Choi
    TLDR Hair can regrow after significant damage through a process similar to how it forms before birth, involving stem cells and various cell types and signals. This could be a new way to prevent scarring and promote hair growth.
    The review discusses the process of Wound-Induced Hair Follicle Neogenesis (WIHN), a mechanism that allows hair follicles to regenerate after large-scale wounding in several adult mammals. This process is similar to embryonic hair follicle development. The study highlights the role of stem cells that transform into neogenic hair follicles in response to wounding. It also emphasizes the importance of immune cells, mesenchymal cells, and various signaling pathways in this process. WIHN is seen as a promising therapeutic approach for promoting hair follicle regeneration and preventing scar formation by reprogramming cellular states. The review investigates the contribution of different cell types and molecular mechanisms to WIHN.
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