Use of cyproterone acetate, finasteride, and spironolactone to treat idiopathic hirsutism

    April 2003 in “ Fertility and Sterility
    Franco Lumachi, R Rondinone
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    TLDR All three treatments reduce hirsutism, but spironolactone works best long-term.
    The study aimed to compare the effectiveness of cyproterone acetate, finasteride, and spironolactone in treating idiopathic hirsutism. The study involved 41 women who were randomly assigned to receive one of the three treatments for 12 months. The Ferriman-Gallwey score was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments. The study found that all three treatments were similarly effective in reducing hirsutism, but spironolactone was more effective in the long term. The study concluded that different medical therapies, alone and in combination, can be used to treat idiopathic hirsutism.
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