Cyproterone Acetate for Severe Hirsutism: Results of a Double-Blind Dose-Ranging Study

    July 1991 in “ Clinical endocrinology
    Julian H. Barth, C.A. Cherry, Fenella Wojnarowska, R.P.R. Dawber
    TLDR Cyproterone acetate at 2mg daily is as effective as higher doses for treating excessive hair growth in women.
    The study aimed to determine if cyproterone acetate (CPA) therapy for hirsute women demonstrated a dose response. It was a double-blind dose-ranging study involving 60 women over 12 months, with 38 completing the therapy. Participants received different doses of CPA combined with the Dlanette contraceptive pill. Significant reductions in clinical hair growth scores were observed across all doses, with no significant differences between the doses at any time points. Hair diameter measurements also showed reductions, particularly on the face, forearm, abdomen, and thigh. The study concluded that a daily dose of 2 mg CPA was as effective as higher doses for treating hirsutism.
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