Topically Applied Thyroid Hormones Stimulate Hair Growth in Organ-Cultured Human Scalp Skin

    June 2024
    Jennifer Gherardini, Aysun Akhundlu, Mark Gompels, Andrew Verbinnen, Soledad Velasco, Ulrich Knie, Ramtin Kassir, Jérémy Chéret, Ralf Paus
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    TLDR Applying thyroid hormones to the scalp can help hair grow.
    In this pilot study, researchers investigated the effects of topically applied thyroid hormones T3 and T4 on hair growth in human scalp skin. They treated full-thickness human scalp skin with T3 (1, 10nM) and T4 (1, 10μM) for six days in an organ culture. The results showed that these hormones significantly increased the percentage of hair follicles in the anagen phase, decreased the percentage of proliferative cells in the hair matrix, and increased keratin 15 expression in the bulge. Additionally, low concentrations of T3 and T4 increased the expression of hair growth promoters IGF-1 and FGF-7 and the number of CD31+ endothelial cells, indicating a pro-angiogenic effect. These findings suggest that topically applied T3 and T4 could be a novel therapeutic approach for treating hair loss disorders like androgenetic alopecia.
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