Therapy of alopecia

    January 2005 in “ Farmaceutski glasnik
    Koraljka Hrs, Monika Barbarić, Branka Zorc
    TLDR Minoxidil and finasteride are key treatments for hair loss.
    The document discussed the psychological impact of hair loss and its primary causes, including aging, heredity, and testosterone levels, with androgenetic alopecia accounting for 95% of cases. Key treatments included minoxidil, which promotes hair growth through vasodilatation, and finasteride, which inhibits the enzyme converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, preventing hair follicle miniaturization. Other substances like Saw palmetto, emu oil, vitamin B6, Polysorbate 80, retinoic acid, and azelaic acid were also noted for their potential benefits. Additionally, drugs with antiandrogen properties such as cyproterone, spironolactone, cimetidine, and ketoconazole, along with treatments like zinc, unsaturated fatty acids, immunosuppressive drugs, irritants, and PUVA, were mentioned as useful in some cases.
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