The Role of rs6152 Allele and Non-Genetic Factors in Androgenetic Alopecia: A Pilot Study in the Indonesian Local Population

    March 2024 in “Bioscientia medicina
    Erick Sidarta, Triyana Sari, Sari Mariyati Dewi Nataprawira, Ivan Christian Andianto, Damar Sajiwo
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    TLDR The rs6152 allele is not a good marker for baldness in the Indonesian population, but family history, age, gender, high blood pressure, and body weight are linked to the risk.
    This pilot study investigated the role of the rs6152 allele and non-genetic factors in androgenetic alopecia (AGA) in the Indonesian local population. The study involved 100 participants, both with and without alopecia. The results showed that the rs6152 allele was not a reliable genetic marker for AGA in this population, as only 2% of individuals had the non-risk alleles and there was no significant association between the allele and AGA. However, a strong association was found between family history and AGA risks, suggesting an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern with sex limitation. Non-genetic factors such as age, gender, hypertension status, and BMI were also significantly associated with AGA risk. This indicates that AGA in the Indonesian local population is a complex condition with multifactorial causes.
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