The midline part: An important physical clue to the clinical diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia in women

    Elise A. Olsen
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    TLDR "Christmas tree" pattern helps diagnose female hair loss.
    This study evaluated the presence of a "Christmas tree" pattern of hair loss in women diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia. They found that 48% of the 163 women showed this pattern, which is more common in those with obvious but not severe hair loss on the top of the scalp. The researchers concluded that this pattern can be used as a helpful clue to diagnosing androgenetic alopecia in women.
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      Patterned androgenic alopecia in women

      research Patterned androgenic alopecia in women

      130 citations ,   May 1988 in “Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology”
      "Male-pattern" hair loss is common in women, especially after menopause, and doesn't always mean there's a problem with hormone balance.