The Cross-section Trichometer: A New Device for Measuring Hair Quantity, Hair Loss, and Hair Growth

    July 2008 in “Dermatologic Surgery
    Bernard Cohen
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    TLDR The Cross-section Trichometer is a new tool that can measure hair quantity and detect hair loss and growth.
    In 2008, Dr. Bernard Cohen developed the Cross-section Trichometer, a device for measuring hair quantity, hair loss, and hair growth by assessing the cross-sectional area of hair bundles. The device, which calculates the trichometric index (TI), showed a direct correlation between the cross-sectional area and the severity of hair loss in balding patients. It was tested on surgical silk fibers and hair from 12 male patients, demonstrating its ability to detect changes in hair diameter and density. The study concluded that the trichometer could be a refined method for measuring hair quantity, potentially useful for diagnosing changes in hair mass and for evaluating the efficacy of hair growth products. However, the accuracy of measurements could be affected by the sampling method, and further clinical studies were recommended to validate its use. Dr. Cohen holds patents for the method and device.
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