Silk-Inspired In Situ Hydrogel with Enhanced Anti-Tumor Immunity for Photodynamic Therapy in Melanoma and Infected Wound Healing

    February 2021 in “ Advanced Functional Materials
    Xiaoxuan Tang, Xiaoli Chen, Siming Zhang, Xinyi Gu, Ronghua Wu, Tingting Huang, Zhihao Zhou, Cheng Sun, Jue Ling, Mei Liu, Yumin Yang
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    TLDR The silk fibroin-based hydrogel shows promise for treating melanoma and healing infected wounds by killing tumor cells and bacteria, and supporting skin recovery.
    The document reports on a study that developed a silk fibroin-based hydrogel (SFMA-Ce6) for use in photodynamic therapy (PDT) to treat melanoma and aid in the healing of infected wounds. The hydrogel was designed to recruit and activate macrophages, enhance anti-tumor immunity, and exhibit antibacterial properties. In vitro experiments showed that the hydrogel could kill tumor cells and bacteria effectively. In vivo experiments on BALB/c nude mice with melanoma and infected wounds demonstrated that the hydrogel significantly inhibited tumor growth, promoted wound healing, and supported skin recovery, including hair follicle regeneration. The study concluded that the SFMA-Ce6 hydrogel has potential as a multifunctional wound dressing for melanoma therapy and skin regeneration, although the number of mice used in the experiments was not specified.
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