Serum Zinc Concentration in Patients With Alopecia Areata

    October 2023 in “Acta dermato-venereologica (Print)
    Jovan Lalošević, Mirjana Gajić-Veljić, Jelena Lalosevic Misovic, Miloš Nikolić
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    TLDR People with severe hair loss have lower zinc levels in their blood.
    The study involved 32 patients with severe alopecia areata and 32 healthy controls. It was found that patients with alopecia areata had significantly lower serum zinc levels and a higher prevalence of zinc deficiency. There was a significant negative correlation between serum zinc levels and the severity of the disease. This suggests that assessing serum zinc levels is necessary in patients with alopecia areata, as low levels correlate with the severity of the condition. The authors recommend further studies to investigate the potential role of zinc supplementation in restoring hair follicles, especially in severe, treatment-resistant cases of alopecia areata.
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