Patient-Based Ratio Method for Permanent Zone Donor Area Calculation in Hair Transplant

    Sudhanshu Punia, Aakanksha Goel, Amit Gupta
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    TLDR A new method helps ensure long-lasting hair transplant results by accurately calculating the donor area.
    The study introduces a patient-based ratio method to calculate the permanent zone donor area for hair transplants, particularly in early stages of androgenetic alopecia. Conducted from July to December 2022, it involved 200 patients, with the first 100 having Norwood IV hair loss and the next 100 having Norwood II to IVa. The method measures the distance between the vertex and the occipital protuberance, establishing a ratio (0.43–0.53) to predict the permanent zone. Results showed over 90% of patients maintained transplanted hair density. The authors recommend this simple and effective method for ensuring long-lasting hair transplant results.
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