Laser Hair Removal in Alopecia Areata of the Scalp: A Novel Therapeutic Approach

    February 2018 in “ Dermatologic Surgery
    Geoffrey Brent, Bevin Bhoyrul, Rob Sheehan-Dare
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    TLDR Laser hair removal can be an effective last-resort treatment for men with stubborn Alopecia Areata who want to be uniformly bald.
    In 2018, a novel therapeutic approach was reported for a 26-year-old male patient with extensive, refractory Alopecia Areata (AA) of the scalp, who had over 50% hair loss and had not responded to conventional treatments such as ultrapotent topical steroids and intralesional steroid injections. The patient declined contact immunotherapy and opted for laser hair removal to achieve a uniformly bald appearance. Over 14 months, he underwent 7 sessions with an alexandrite laser, resulting in a sustained reduction in hair. The treatment was well tolerated, and at 6 months follow-up, the hair loss was almost fully sustained, with the patient satisfied with the cosmetic outcome. This case demonstrated that laser hair removal could be a viable treatment option for male patients with recalcitrant AA who wish to achieve a uniformly bald appearance, especially when conventional therapies have failed. However, the authors suggested this as a last resort due to the permanent nature of laser hair removal.
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