Investigation on Microecology of Hair Root Fungi in Androgenetic Alopecia Patients

    June 2019 in “Mycopathologia
    Jing-Hong Huang, Yuping Ran, Sushmita Pradhan, Wei Yan, Yaling Dai
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    TLDR Malassezia yeast linked to hair loss; ketoconazole helps treat it.
    This document is a compilation of summaries of a scientific study that investigated the microecology of hair root fungi in patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) compared to a control group. The study found that Malassezia yeast was the dominant species in the hair roots of the hair loss group, and the positive rate of Malassezia was higher in the hair loss group than in the control group. The study suggests that Malassezia may play a role in the development of androgenetic alopecia. The study also found that ketoconazole has anti-infective effects against the microflora on the scalp, especially Malassezia, which played therapeutic roles in androgen alopecia. Overall, the study suggests that controlling the fungal ecology of the scalp may have vital value in the treatment of AGA.
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