Improvement in Androgenetic Alopecia (Stage V) Using Topical Minoxidil in a Retinoid Vehicle and Oral Finasteride

    December 1995 in “Archives of Dermatology
    Douglas S. Walsh, Cary L. Dunn, William James
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    TLDR Combination therapy improves hair growth in advanced hair loss.
    This study was conducted to determine if a combination of topical minoxidil and tretinoin, along with oral finasteride, could be used as an effective treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). A 32-year old man with advanced stage V AGA saw marked improvement after 3 months, with continued gradual improvement over the next 9 months. The combination therapy showed promise in improving cosmetic appearance, although further research is needed to understand the synergistic effects of the two treatments.
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