Health Status, Coping Strategies, and Alexithymia in Subjects with Androgenetic Alopecia

    Stefano Tabolli, Francesca Sampogna, Cristina Di Pietro, Thomas J. Mannooranparampil, Marcella Ribuffo, Damiano Abeni
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    TLDR People with hair loss feel more depressed and anxious, especially women, and need help managing emotions and beliefs about their condition.
    This study found that individuals with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) experience higher rates of depression and anxiety, with a significantly higher prevalence in AGA females compared to males. Coping strategies used by AGA patients were found to be influenced by alexithymia, a personality trait characterized by difficulties in differentiating and describing feelings. AGA female subjects were found to suffer more and thus need more support than men. Physicians should focus on helping patients deal with emotional responses to alopecia, such as anger and worry, and their beliefs about the consequences of their condition. The study suggests that identifying subjects at risk of anxiety and depression and understanding their coping strategies may help physicians support their patients better.
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