Hair Transplantation surgery

    October 1987 in “ Clinics in Dermatology
    Scott M. Wilhelmus
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    TLDR Hair transplantation is beneficial if the right patients are chosen and the procedure is done carefully.
    In 1987, hair transplantation surgery was primarily performed using the Orentreich punch graft technique, with the success of the procedure relying on the principles of donor and recipient dominance. The document highlights the importance of selecting the right patients, with male-pattern baldness being the primary indication, and outlines the meticulous surgical procedure, including hairline planning and graft placement. Post-operative care is crucial, with recommendations such as using minoxidil to enhance growth. The use of micrografts was emphasized to create a more natural hairline and avoid the cobblestone effect. Complications were noted to be minor and manageable, with an incidence of infection below 1%. The document concludes that the benefits of hair transplantation outweigh the potential problems, provided that there is careful patient selection and awareness of the procedure's intricacies.
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      Punch Transplantation in “Early” Androgenetic Alopecia

      research Punch Transplantation in “Early” Androgenetic Alopecia

      7 citations ,   December 1984 in “The Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology”
      Early transplantation helps avoid embarrassment and allows relaxed transplant sessions, but be cautious with young patients with thinning hair.


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