Hair follicle growth by stromal vascular fraction-enhanced adipose transplantation in baldness

    July 2017 in “Stem cells and cloning
    David Perez-Meza, Craig Ziering, Marcos Sforza, Ganesh Krishnan, Edward D. Ball, Eric S. Daniels
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    TLDR SVF-enhanced adipose transplantation shows potential as a hair loss treatment.
    This document summarizes a study on the use of stromal vascular fraction (SVF)-enhanced adipose transplantation for hair growth in patients with baldness. The study involved injecting a mixture of purified adipose, ADRCs, and Lactated Ringer's into the scalp. Nine patients underwent the procedure, and six-month follow-up data was available for six patients. Results showed an increase in hair count, anagen percentage, telogen percentage, and cumulative thickness. The study suggests that stromal vascular fraction-enhanced adipose transplantation may be a promising treatment for hair loss.
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