From Axioms to New Insights into Dandruff

    January 2000 in “Dermatology
    Piérard-Franchimont C, Jean-François Hermanns, Hugo Degreef, Gérald Pierard
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    TLDR Dandruff is a common, winter-worsened scalp condition linked to inflammation and microorganisms, treatable with products like ketoconazole, and may affect hair loss.
    The 2000 review addressed the condition of dandruff, highlighting its prevalence, particularly in young men, and its increase during winter. It is described as a subclinical inflammatory disorder caused by factors such as seborrhoea, the presence of parakeratotic cells, and a dense scalp microflora, especially Malassezia spp., which contributes to inflammation and immunogenic responses. Treatments like ketoconazole are noted for their clinical efficacy and residual effects, allowing for less frequent application while maintaining scalp health. The review also suggests a link between dandruff, telogen effluvium, and potentially alopecia, indicating a broader significance for antidandruff products in hair care. Environmental factors and deliberate scalp applications are also recognized as contributing to dandruff.
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