Follicular Unit Extraction

    November 2008 in “ Facial Plastic Surgery
    James A. Harris
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    TLDR Follicular Unit Extraction is a less invasive hair transplant method with potential for natural results but has challenges like longer surgery time and higher cost.
    The 2008 document discusses Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a hair transplantation method that offers advantages such as minimal invasiveness, no linear scarring, and reduced postoperative pain. It outlines the surgical process, including the use of different instruments and the importance of technique to minimize follicle damage, with initial studies showing a transection rate of 5.6% that can be reduced with experience. The document also highlights the challenges of FUE, such as increased surgical times, graft fragility, and higher costs, as well as the need for careful donor area management to avoid over-harvesting. It suggests that with improvements in efficiency and instrumentation, FUE may become more widely accepted among physicians. The paper includes patient examples, with one receiving 1349 follicular units and another 1009 grafts, demonstrating the procedure's potential for natural-looking results.
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